Your application could need to publish information through a set of RSS feeds, or need to read, and possibly manipulate, RSS data from another source. Android RSS Reader - Learn Android Programming and how to develop android mobile phone and ipad applications starting from Environment setup, application components, activity lifecycle, service lifecycle, application architecture, publishing application, debugging applications, handling events, layouts, menus, user interface controls, RSS Feed Reader App. Normal Rss feed content is HTML formatted. RSS Reader (Figure B) is a free, straightforward app that allows you to manually enter RSS feed addresses and easily read your favorite feeds. "gReader Is Hands Down The Incomparable King Of RSS Readers On Android." In your Eclipse IDE select File-->New. Its the best designed RSS reader in my opinion. So I prefer to use WebView to show RSS content instead of It lets you schedule syncing to feeds and read offline, and it can alert you of new feed content (via the built-in Android notification system), share news, open links in your device default browser, auto-clear I will implement a ListView which can show all the post entities from Rss feed. How to parse an RSS feed with XmlPullParser? If we had to pick one that fits the needs of most people and packs in a ton of useful features, it would have to be the free, cross-platform, cross-device syncing Feedly. We'll create an example Android project to receive the RSS feed. Wanna parse RSS feeds using your Android ... Im trying to integrate what I learned from your tutorial and read an RSS feed. You can create your own sections and classify the Feeds accordingly. Android Rss Reader Example 3: Parse XML in Android; Android Rss Reader Example 4: Drag to Refresh ListView; Android Rss Reader Example 5: Show WebSite Content in WebView; Advanced Tutorial 6: Load Featured Image In ListView From Rss Feed; Advanced Tutorial 7: Add Android Navigation Drawer Menu; Add Image Tag In Your In the New Android Project window, specify a Project name (RSSFeed). The UI is built around three columns, one for unread, one for read and one for starred items. This Android example application is simple and powerful. The navigation is flawless, and youll easily get the hang of it in no time. Today we have Android RSS Reader application's code for you. I dont know what I want to add to my RSS feeds You of course are free to (and encouraged to, since thats half the app) customize it with your personal daily digest and favorite websites, but you will also have access to news sites through NewsBit like CNN, The Guardian, Lifehacker, Los Angeles Times, For example, some applications use RSS feeds to inform users of changes to the application database that could affect them. There are still some rough edges, though, Blog Navigator comes with little documentation and search as well as organization show room for improvement. ... Feeder (Chrome, iOS, Android) Best for: Simple RSS feeds. For each list cell view, there are three components, ImageView and two TextView. The first thing to note is that this class is extending Android's AsyncTask- The reason for this is that since Android 3.0, you are no longer able to perform network operations in the main application thread, so being as our class is going to have to fetch some RSS feeds we are going to have to spin off a new thread.